Agario private server game is a web browser based game called Agar. Your goal in the game is to increase your own cell size by absorbing other players' cells. It is obvious that the game is as simple as it is addictive. The name agar is named after a substance found in the cell walls of some algae. When was released? The Java script-based game was originally created by a user with 4chan (Video Games) installed under the domain name. The game started to gain attention after it was shared on 4chan on the day of its launch on April 28 by another anonymous author. On May 3, the game was immediately approved and shared. How to play online? The player can split them into small cells by pressing the spacebar or hitting viruses. The player can also allocate parts of their cell to other players by pressing the W key. Special Skins Players (under 8CH) can apply a skin to their cell by choosing some secret keywords as nicknames, including Doge, Wojak, 4chan, 8chan and 9gag. game modes As of May 11, a new game mode has been added. In Teamplay mode, cells of the same color cannot wrap around each other and the player is divided into three groups. In this mode, a pie chart stands out, showing the sum of the three teams' respective audiences. Note: Custom skins are disabled for this mod.